Used Swe70e Excavator for Sale

                        Used Swe70e Excavator for Sale Used Swe70e Excavator for Sale Model NO.: SWE70E Condition: Used Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000 Size: Small-Scale Bucket: Backhoe Usage: Special Excavator, Marine Excavator, Mining Excavator, GM Excavator Type: Crawler Excavator Transport Package: Containers, Flat Racks, Bulk Ship or RO-RO Ship Ar

                        Product Details

                        Used Sunward SWE70E Excavator
                         Packaging& Shipping

                        Containers, flat racks, bulk ship or RO-RO ship are usual options for our machine. Customers can specify the packaging or shipping.

                        Company Information

                         Shanghai Zhuwo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, after more than a decade of development; it has become the largest second-hand construction machinery trading company in Shanghai and even in East China.

                           Our Company is a professional large-scale supplier of many types of heavy construction machinery including CRANE, DOZER, GRADER, LOADER, ROAD ROLLER, FOLKLIFT and other related products. Our products are maintained in a good condition. But we give a reasonable price. We are dedicated to promoting cooperation with each buyer and customers, so as to achieve good and long-term business relationship. We promise to provide our buyer and customers with high quality and satisfying machines.

                           Besides, we hold a regular business license to ensure that every customer who comes to negotiate is assured, reassured, and satisfied with our machines.

                           Your reliable business partner for all used machines!

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