Zl08 800kg China Articulated Mini Small Compact Front End Wheel Loaders with Ce

                        Zl08 800kg China Articulated Mini Small Compact Front End Wheel Loaders with Ce Zl08 800kg China Articulated Mini Small Compact Front End Wheel Loaders with Ce Model NO.: TL08 Type: Small Loader Walking Mode: Wheeled Load and Unload Mode: Front Discharge Transmission: Hydraulic - Mechanical Rated Load: <1t Condition: New Certification: TUV, UL, ISO, RoHS, CE Operating Weight: 2700kg Bucket Capacity: 0.4cbm Engine: Changchai Rated Power: 25kw Max. Dumping Height: 2350mm Rated Speed: 2200r/Min Trademark: TITAN Transport Package: Nude in Container Specification: 4700*1600*2550 Origin: China HS Code:

                        Product Details

                        Chinese high quality 0.8 ton small wheel loader

                        1.  All hydraulic system joy stick control ,luxurious cab,adjustable seat,back camera, cab heat,
                             LED light, auxiliary pipes.
                        2.  Changchai390Q,25kw,three cylinder,water-cooled,option xinchai & Yanmar E3 engine

                        3.  0.8 ton ,0.4cbm bucket 12km/h,4600x1600x2550 mm

                        4.  It also can install different accessories like pallet fork, snow bucket,snow blade,grass cutter,
                             4in1bucket for different work condition.

                         All the machine with CE, ISO certificate

                        TL08 MINI WHEEL LOADER SPECIFICATION
                        1.0 Engine details:  
                        ModelChangchai 390
                        Engine typeIn-line arrangement, water-cooled, three-cycle diesel Engine
                        Rated Power25KW
                        Rated Speed2400 r/min (rpm) 
                        2.0 Steering System 
                        Cycloid full hydraulic steering systemBZZ-80
                        System Pressure       10MPa 
                        3.0 Bucket 
                        Bucket Capacity0.4 m3
                        Bucket width 1300mm
                        Bucket typeHeavy-duty bolt on teeth
                        Max. Breakout Force28KN
                        Rated Load800kg
                        Operating Weight2850kg
                        4.0 Overall Dimensions 
                        Overall Length (Bucket on ground position)4600mm
                        Overall Height2450mm
                        Ground to Cab Top2450mm
                        Ground to exhaust pipeIt is below from the top of cabin
                        Overall Width1600mm
                        5.0 Operating Specifications 
                        Drive MeansFour-wheel drive
                        Min Turning Radius4600mm
                        Driving Systemtorque converter
                        Dumping Height 2300mm
                        Dumping Reach at max height 750mm
                        Min the ground distance240mm
                        Time of raise4sec.
                        Hydraulic cycle time9sec.
                        6.0 Brake System 
                        Service BrakeFour Wheel Hydraulic spread-shoed brake
                        Parking BrakeHand operated
                        7.0 Tyre 

                        The standard equipment:

                        ----Changchai 390 Engine. 
                        ----3 Cylinder Engine. 
                        ----Automatic with Torque Converter. 
                        ----4 Wheel Drive. 
                        ----Standard Bucket.
                        ----Luxury Cabin. 
                        ----Adjustable Steering Wheel. 
                        ----220V Engine Pre-heater.
                        ----Cabin Heater. 
                        ----Air Pre-heater. 
                        ----Lock For Lifting And Steering Cylinder. 
                        ----Hydraulic Check System. 
                        ----Quick Hitch. 
                        ----Mechanical Joystick.
                        ----Easy-damaged Spare Parts.
                        ----Optional equipments.
                        ----Extra Hydraulic Line. 
                        ----LED Lights. 
                        ----Varta Anti-free Battery.

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