High Productivity China Skid Steer Mini Loader Bucket Skid Steer Loader Small Wheel/Track Skid Steer

                        High Productivity China Skid Steer Mini Loader Bucket Skid Steer Loader Small Wheel/Track Skid Steer High Productivity China Skid Steer Mini Loader Bucket Skid Steer Loader Small Wheel/Track Skid Steer Loader with Attachment for Sale Model NO.: Skid Steer Loader Type: Small Loader Walking Mode: Wheeled/Crawler Load and Unload Mode: Front Discharge Transmission: Power Rated Load: <1t Condition: New Certification: ISO, CE Max Driving Speed: 12km/H Max Grade Ability: ?25degree Max Excavation Ability: More Than 20kn Lifting Time of Arm: Less Than 5s Total Time of Shovel,Lift and Tipping: Less Than 10.5s Pressure of Hydraulic System: 21MPa System Voltage: 12V Fuel(Diesel) Filling Capacity: 88L Lube Filling Capacity: 10L Hydraulic Oil Filling Capacity: 70L Rated Operating Capacity: 720-1100kg Trademark: OUKE Transport Package: Standard Export Packaging Origin: Jining, China HS Code:

                        Product Details

                        High Productivity Skid Steer Mini Loader Bucket Skid Steer Loader
                        Skid steer loader is one of the most popular mini construction machinery in the world. Relying on its flexible steer, compact body and replaceable mulitifunctional tools, it can finish all kinds of comprehensive construction demand easily. The apperance, heightlifting, weightlifting and driving comfort are all the top-notch loader in the world.
                        Always supply the high quality machine and Variously styles can meet the customers' all kinds of request.Popular Product Parameter
                        Rated operating capacity720kg900kg1000kg1100kg
                        Rated bucket capacity0.36M30.41M30.52M30.52M3
                        Max driving speed12km/h12km/h12km/h12km/h
                        Max traction≥25.4KN≥28.2KN≥30KN≥32KN
                        Max grade Ability 25° 25° 25° 25°
                        Max excavation ability≥18.4KN≥20KN≥20KN≥20KN
                        Lifting time of arm≤5S≤5S≤5S≤5S
                        Total time of shovel,lift and tipping≤10.5S≤10.5S≤10.5S≤10.5S
                        Pressure of hydraulic system21MPa21MPa21MPa21MPa
                        Tyre inflation pressure0.41-0.45MPa0.41-0.45MPa0.41-0.45MPa0.41-0.45MPa
                        System voltage12V12V12V12V
                        Fuel(diesel) filling capacity88L88L88L88L
                        Lube filling capacity10L10L10L10L
                        Hydraulic oil filling capacity70L70L70L70L
                        Max working height2072 mm2155 mm
                        Max pin height 1809 mm1896 mm
                        Max dump height1393 mm1500 mm
                        The highest point discharge distance468 mm348 mm
                        Max. unloading angle32°30°
                        Total height1316 mm1245 mm
                        The height from the ground130 mm130 mm
                        wheelbase686 mm636 mm
                        No bucket length1778 mm1752 mm
                        Total width883(903) mm1033 mm
                        Bucket width 820 mm980 mm
                        Total length(with bucket)2210 mm2206 mm
                        Turning radius1237mm1307 mm

                        Max working height2065mm2128 mm
                        Max pin height 1803mm1869 mm
                        Max dump height1386 mm1473 mm
                        The highest point discharge distance471 mm399 mm
                        Max. unloading angle32°30°
                        Total height1309 mm1218 mm
                        The height from the ground123 mm105mm
                        wheelbase690 mm612mm
                        No bucket length1778 mm1752 mm
                        Total width800 mm1060 mm
                        Bucket width 820 mm1150mm(980mm/1215mm)
                        Total length(with bucket)2210 mm2206 mm
                        Turning radius1236mm1317 mm


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