L930 Lugong Best Selling Chinese Brand 1-2.5ton Small Wheel Loader

                        L930 Lugong Best Selling Chinese Brand 1-2.5ton Small Wheel Loader L930 Lugong Best Selling Chinese Brand 1-2.5ton Small Wheel Loader Type: Small Loader Walking Mode: Wheeled Load and Unload Mode: Front Discharge Transmission: Hydraulic - Mechanical Rated Load: 1-3t Condition: New Certification: ISO, CE Trademark: LuGong Origin: China HS Code:

                        Product Details

                        Shandong Lugong high quality L930 small front end wheel loader

                        Product Parameters
                        Product ModelL930
                        Main technical parametersTransmission
                        Bucket capacity0.9 m3TypeHydraulic torque converter
                        Rated load1500 kgPatternautomatic
                        Machine weight3650 kgGear shiftDouble H/L, F/R
                        Overall dimension(mm)5460×1900×2800AxleAWD, Small Hub Reduction
                        Min. ground clearance260 mmBraking system
                        EngineService brakeAir hydraulic disc brake
                        ModelWeichai 4102Parking brakeHand brake
                        PatternIn-line, 4 cylinderOptional configurationEngine: Sida 493 turbo/58kw
                        A/C, Cabin heater, Forklift
                        Pallet fork, log grapple, grass fork, etc.
                        Rated power/speed65 kw/2400
                        Weight240 kg

                        Company Profile

                        Shandong Lugong Machinery Co., LTD.

                        Shandong Lugong Machinery Co., Ltd. was started up at the beginning of 2000. It covers 200,000 square meters. Now, Lugong has become the key enterprise in the field of construction machinery all over the China.

                        We have our own researching and developing team, they have a lot of professional experience. Now we concentrate on designing and improving our devices of our products, such as the axles of wheel loaders, transmission system, dealing the steel plate with electrophoresis process etc.. We introduce advanced technology and operating devices our streamlining, like robot welding, steel trip, laser cutting machine and so on. So trust us, we have the best continuous line production and the highest quality.
                        Our company mainly produces loaders, excavators, tippers, tricycles etc. The quality and capability of small wheel loaders and constructing tippers high especially. These two have gained acceptance in the whole China. Our products, such as wheel loaders, tippers , are mainly sold to over 20 provinces in China. And we sold almost 40 thousand wheel loaders last year. We sold almost 40 thousand wheel loaders.We also supply the products to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Russia.

                        Packing & Shipping
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