Small Wheel Loader Laigong 1.5ton Boom Articulated Farm Compact Wheel Loader with Low Price

                        Small Wheel Loader Laigong 1.5ton Boom Articulated Farm Compact Wheel Loader with Low Price Small Wheel Loader Laigong 1.5ton Boom Articulated Farm Compact Wheel Loader with Low Price Type: Small Loader Walking Mode: Wheeled Load and Unload Mode: Front Discharge Transmission: Hydraulic Rated Load: 1-3t Condition: New Certification: ISO, CE Engine: Yunnei Yn25 Tire: 20.5-16 Duming Height: 3200mm Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.5 Bucket Width: 1800 Drive Bridge Type: Small Hub Heavy Final Reduce Axles Tyres Size: 20.5-16?? Trademark: LAIGONG Transport Package: 40hq Specification: rated loading 1.5ton Origin: China HS Code: 842951

                        Product Details

                        LG920 Wheel Loader     LG920 is a long wheelbase product, featuring strong power and reliability with comfort, mainly used in construction site, road construction, mine, station and query for various working conditions, such as ore, sandstone, coal and earthwork.
                        Overall Performance/Models            LG920          
                        General Machine PerformanceOperating weightKGS3100
                        Height mm2700
                        Wheel basemm2110
                        Wheel trackmm1400
                        Tire size 20.5-16
                        Max.driving speedkm/h35
                        Bucket PerformanceRated loadKGS1500
                        Bucket capacity range0.4-0.7
                        Standard bucket capacity0.5
                        Bucket widthmm1800
                        Dumping height mm3200
                        Dumping reachmm700
                        Max. raising heightmm4010
                        Transmission PerformanceTransmission type Automatic
                        Control lever 1
                        Engine Performancemodel YUNNEI 490
                        Number of cylinder 4
                        Control type mechanical 
                        Drive bridge tyre ISUZU
                        Accessories for different working conditions.
                        Detailed pictures of LG920 wheel loader:
                        1. High travel speed
                        2. Small turning radius and good adaptability to various working sites
                        3. Short total cycle time with flexible movement
                        1. Reliable braking system
                        2. Safe and comfortable operating environment
                        Energy Saving & Green Initiative
                        1. Remarkable fuel and energy conservation, save 25% based on same configuration
                        2. Low noise
                        Reliability & Durability
                        1. Reliable drive system
                        2. Upgraded hydraulic system
                        3. New design concept of electrical system
                        4. Optimal designed structural components, Have passed 200,000 times of fatigue enhancement tests

                        Main Features of LG920 wheel loader:
                        Comfort & Convenience
                        1. Cab space enlarged by 15%
                        2. Low noise, shock-absorbed and dust proof cab
                        3. side-flipped engine hood, easy for maintenance
                        4. Humanization-designed operating lever
                        Energy Saving & Green Initiative
                        1. Yunnei turbo engine is adopted for strong power, large torque reserve and excellent performance. Pumps with large displacement are equipped, which greatly increases working efficiency and decreases fuel consumption and noise, together with short total cycle time.
                        Reliability & Durability
                        1. Structural components are of advanced design and manufacture, featuring excellent impact resistance, reliability and load capacity.
                        2. Countershaft transmission is adopted, which is compact in structure. With high transmission efficiency, low failure rate, tiny impact of shifting and easy maintenance, it suits well to heavy duty mini loaders.
                        LAIGONG in the world:
                             LAIGONG wheel loaders have been exported to more than 20 overseas countries like Australia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, Vietnam etc. LAIGONG has built a win-win relationship with dealers in these markets. Thanks to the joint efforts, LAIGONG is becoming more and more popular in the world

                        Our company:
                        Market Share: 42% in domestic market
                        Employee: 1000 employees
                        Annual production and sale volume:40,000 units
                        Independent patents: 11
                        Domestic dealers/ Oversea dealers: 400/ 22
                        Experience in industry: 22 years

                        Our factor has passed including CE and ISO certification.FAQWhy choose us?
                        1). Manufacturer which established from 1998.
                        2). High quality product with one-stop after-sales service. (one year warranty)
                        3). Competitive price based on same configuration.
                        1). Delivery: within 15 days for normal orders
                        2). Price: We have price on basis FOB Qingdao and CIF or CFR your destination for your choice
                        3). Payment terms for first order:
                        -----T/T 30% down payment and balance before shipment
                        -----100% L/C at sight
                        4). Payment for long terms cooperation of good reputation partners, we have sino insurance for our VIP clients. We are looking for partnership for long-term business
                        5). One year or 1200 machinery warranty
                        6). Most stable spare part supply ability in China
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