China 7ton Wheel Loader Lw700kv with High Quality

                        China 7ton Wheel Loader Lw700kv with High Quality China 7ton Wheel Loader Lw700kv with High Quality Model NO.: LW700KV Type: Medium-sized Loader Walking Mode: Wheeled Load and Unload Mode: Front Discharge Transmission: Hydraulic Rated Load: 6-9t Condition: New Certification: ISO, CE Rated Power: 226 Kw Trademark: TOP BRAND Transport Package: Roro/Bulk/Nude/Container Specification: 7920*3050*3400mm Origin: China HS Code:

                        Product Details

                        China 7Ton Wheel Loader LW700KV With High Quality And Low Price For Sale

                        LW700KV is the latest generation 7 tonnage loader products, application of xugong international technology platform, energy saving, efficient, reliable, comfortable, convenient maintenance, is widely used in ports, mines, logistics enterprise's production organization.

                        Scientific matching, depth optimized transmission system, international leading quality gearbox and drive bridge, more effective, more reliable.

                        Long wheelbase heavy load design, structural parts lightweight, through three - dimensional simulation analysis, optimization, more reliable, more energy - saving.

                        Double - pump combined flow system, flow amplification steering, single - handle pilot control, efficient and flexible.

                        Application of pressure unloading technology, automatic unloading, reducing overflow loss, combined traction significantly improved.

                        Integrated cab, super-large space, full view, ultra-quiet, micro-pressurization, configuration of sound, air conditioning, various control components within reach, creating the best operating environment.

                        Single row large distance radiators are used to solve the problem of heat balance in all kinds of harsh environments.

                        Various types of working devices can be selected for different job requirements.



                        Bucket capacity       


                        Rated load


                        Rated time    

                        6 secretary

                        Total cycling time       


                        Max.drawing force


                        Max.breakout force


                        Articulation angle     


                        Min.turn radius 


                        Climb ability  


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