Jasu New Design One Step PC Plastic LED Lamp Bulb Cover Diffuser Lampshade Moulding Making Injection

                        Jasu New Design One Step PC Plastic LED Lamp Bulb Cover Diffuser Lampshade Moulding Making Injection Jasu New Design One Step PC Plastic LED Lamp Bulb Cover Diffuser Lampshade Moulding Making Injection Blow Molding Machine for LED Lights Manufacturing Factory Model NO.: ISB800-3 Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008 Computerized: Non-Computerized Automation: Automatic Making Method of Parison: Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine Raw Material: Pet, PC, Tritan, PMMA, PS, PP Type: Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine Warranty: 1 Years Warranty Application: Plastic Bottle After Service: Engineers Available to Service Machinery Oversea Power: 30kw OEM/ODM Service: Yes Delivery Time: 15-25 Days Other Service: " Turn-Key "Projects Working Mode: One Step Servo Motor: Phase, Italy Servo Pump: Echerle, Germany Trademark: JASU Transport Package: Wooden Package Specification: 3.8x1.45x3.0m Origin: China Mainland HS Code:

                        Product Details

                        Our customers are all around the world.
                        Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Romania, Italy, India, Syria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru....

                        Single Stage Plastic Promotional Factory Supply Plastic Bottle Blowing Mould Machine Automatic Dual Servo PC LED Bulb Mould Manufacturing Machine

                        One step injection stretch blow molding mold for plastic  Pet Perfume hotel supplies Bottle

                        The machines are three stations, injection preform, blow/stretch blow and product release. The raw material comes from the hopper to the injection

                        screw to inject preform; the plate rotates preforms to blow/stretch blow station with themselves heat, without any reheating for blowing,

                        Then the product will rotate to release station and drop down, it is fully automatically cycle rotation working mode.

                        JASU One Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine advantages are as follows:
                        1. The wheel rotation is driven by electrical servo motor, not hydraulic.
                        2. Full automatic controlling system, easy operating
                        3. The temperature of material barrel and hot runner is controlled accurately by PIT.
                        4. More cost is saved than traditional machine. 
                        5. Compact structure; less space needed
                        6. Injection:  Hot runner and temperature control device are standard configuration. Only change mold for making a new product; Stretch Blow: 
                        Hydraulic mold clamping, core insert, stretch blow and bottom molding are standard configuration;Product Release:Equipped with a standard ejector.

                        For PC, PS,PMMA, SAN lamp cover, LED light lampshade,Christmas flash light, garden and street light.
                        For PET , PETG high transparent,much thinner wall, cosmetic bottle , PET wide neck jar, PET pharmaceutical bottle 
                        For PP high transparent, baby feeding bottle, sport bottle
                        For PCTG, Tritan drinking water bottle, sport bottle.
                        Mould and tooling, we have mould workshop ourselves, advanced CNC machine and smart design engineers,we can treat different material and size products from different customers over the world.
                        Auxiliary machine,we will equip you with the necessary quality auxiliary machines to ensure the production plan running well,we can supply you one-stop service.
                        JASU Plastic PC /PET LED BULB COVER/DIFFUSER/LAMPSHADE Samples display

                        Customer visit 

                        Our advantage

                        Your specialist consultant


                        Q1: All of your products are made by yourself or compacted via purchasing from others?
                        A1: JASU have independent technical team who focus on making machines and moulds,  all the products are made by our technical team.
                        Q2: What is the ability of your factory?
                        A2: About injection stretch blow molding machine, we can product more than 30 sets machine per month
                        Q3: Do you have any technical supports about your products?
                        A3: We have had long term collaboration with German, and we have a lot of cooperation with a lot of advanced manufacture company on the world. 
                        Q4: Do you have any other service about your products?
                        A4:  We have a lot of experience on making complete "Turn-Key" projects and specifications for our clients. Also we have a fixed service system

                        Pre-Sales Service
                         *  Inquiry and consulting support. 
                         *  Free product design.
                         *  Visit our Factory.

                        * The machine and mold guarantee for one year with repair/ free replacement of defective parts.
                        * Spare parts of machine components, mold components and tools are shipped along with the machine.

                        After-Sales Service
                        * JASU wants to make sure you are getting the very best out of the machine and mold. After delivery, we will send      our engineer to your plant to train your staff how to use the machine well, until we get approval by the customer. 
                        * Remote assistance  to help you solve problems in case of machine system failure.

                        Q5: The route to JASU factory
                         A5:  A:  Our factory near Line 3  Shiqiao suway station A exist 
                               B: It  takes about 15 minutes from 
                        Guangzhou South Railway Station to our factory
                               C: It takes about 50 minutes from Guangzhou airport to our factory

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