Plastic WPC PVC Crust Skirting Foam Board Extrusion/Extruder Making Machinery

                        Plastic WPC PVC Crust Skirting Foam Board Extrusion/Extruder Making Machinery Plastic WPC PVC Crust Skirting Foam Board Extrusion/Extruder Making Machinery Model NO.: SJZ80/156 Computerized: Computerized Automation: Automatic Exhaust: Don't Exhaust Screw Channel Structure: Deep Screw Engagement System: Full Intermeshing Screw: Twin-Screw Assembly Structure: Integral Type Extruder Feeding Mode: One Feed Product Type: Extrusion Molding Machine Plastic Processed: PVC Type: Sheet Extruder Inverter: ABB Motor of Extruder: Siemen Bader Gear Box: Duoling Temperature Controlled Meter: Rkc Air Switch: Delixi / Chint Output: 350-400kg/H Trademark: SJ Specification: 23m*3m*3m Origin: Jiangsu, China HS Code:

                        Product Details

                        SJ 80/156 PVC Free Foam Board Production Line 
                        1.Power condition
                        1.1 Standard: 415V / 3-phase / 50 Hz
                        1.2 Working voltage: 415V
                        1.3 Control voltage: 220V
                        1.4 Protective measures: ground
                        2.Compressed air
                        2.1 Effective working pressure range: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa
                        2.2 Conditions of Use: Requirements of dust-free, smoke-free, oil-free
                        3.Cooling water
                        3.1 Effective working pressure range: 0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa
                        3.2 Water temperature: 10 ~ 25 ºC
                        Main Technical Parameter
                        1. Production materials: PVC materials;
                        2. Product width: L = 1220mm;
                        3. Product thickness: δ = 5-25mm;
                        4. Output: 350-400Kg / H;

                        Equipment Structure:
                        ItemEquipment NameQuantity
                        1SJZ80/156 Conical twin screw extruder1 set
                        2L=1500 calibrator table1 set
                        3L=1500 Transverse Saw1 set
                        4L=1500 Cooling bracket1 set
                        5L=1500 edge cutter1 set
                        6longitudinal saw1 set
                        7Mold temperature machine heating system1 set
                        8Back and forth movement device1 set
                        9The instrument of Calculate the length1 set
                        10Linear Guide Rail1 set
                        11Stacker1 set

                         Production process:
                        The screw feeder takes the material from the 5m3 silo(~ 3 tons) → The Extruder Feeding Hopper → The extruder → Material Plasticizing → T-die → Forming Platform →Edges Trimming → Roller Cooling Bracket →Air Cooling Cabinet(Optional) → Traction Machine→ Cutting Machine →Automatic Stacking Machine

                        The finished product:
                        The finished product thickness: 2-30mm
                        The finished product width: 915mm/1220mm/2050mm
                        Customization is available!

                        The Applications:
                        Transpoartation: steamship, airplane, carriage, train compartment, roof shed, case core layer, inner upholster, etc.
                        Architecture: building wall board, decoration board, housing, office, public building interlayer, commercial decoration shelf, non-dust room board, ceiling plate, etc.
                        Advertisement: screen printing, computer lettering, ad board, etc.
                        Industry: chemical industry antisepticising project, thermoforming, for refrigerator, for temperature keeping, for environment protection, etc.
                        Other applications: mold plate, sports equipment, breeding equipment, seashore wet-proof facility, water-fast material, art material, various interlayer, etc.

                        Packing :

                        Company Introduction


                        Q: What is your terms of payment?
                        A: 100% T/T in advance,or 50% T/T in advance,50% balance before shipment.
                        Q: What is your terms of packing?
                        A: Generally, we pack our goods in plywood box for big machine.
                        Q: Can you produce according to the samples testing?
                        A: Yes, we can make testing by your sample or technical drawing.
                        Q: Warranty and after sales service?
                        A: We provide 1 year warranty free for spare parts,Whole life technical support.

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