A1-1313 Woodworking Machine From China Manufacturer

                        A1-1313 Woodworking Machine From China Manufacturer A1-1313 Woodworking Machine From China Manufacturer Model NO.: A1-1325/A1-1530/A1-2030/A1-2040 After-sales Service: on Line Condition: New Customized: Customized Certification: CE Controlling Mode: CNC Feed Mode: Manual Spindle Number: Single-Spindle Spindle Layout: Vertical Type: Engraving Router Product Name: Wood CNC Router Model: A1-1313 Working Size: 1300*1300mm Working Table: Vacuum Table with T-Slot Spindle: 4.5 Kw Air Cooling Spindle Motor: Servo Motor and Drive with Reducers Control System: Mach3 Control Inverter: 5.5 Kw Inverter Rail: Taiwan Hiwin 20mm Square Rails Vauum Pump: 5.5 Kw Trademark: SIGN Transport Package: Wood Case Package by Shipping Specification: 1300*1300mm Origin: Jinan City, Shandong Province, China HS Code:

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                        Product Parameters
                        X, Y Working size1300*1300mm
                        Z feed Height200mm
                        Table SurfaceVacuum table with T-slot table, 5.5kw vacuum pump
                        Vacuum pump5.5kw
                        X, Y StructureRack and Pinion, Taiwan Linear Square Guide Rail
                        Z StructureTaiwan Linear Square Guide Rail and Ball Screw
                        Max. Power Consumption(Without spindle) 2.0Kw
                        Max. Rapid Travel Rate33000mm/min
                        Max. Working Speed25000mm/min
                        Spindle Power4.5 kw air cooling spindle
                        Spindle Speed0-18000RPM
                        Drive MotorsServo motor and driver with reducer
                        Working VoltageAC380V 50/60Hz
                        Command LanguageG code
                        Control SystemMach 3
                        X,Y,Z repositioning Accuracy±0.01mm
                        X,Y Resolution<0.01mm
                        Running Temperature0 degree - 45 degree
                        Relative Humidity30% - 75%
                        Optional PartsRotary
                        WarrantyTwo years

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