High-Precision Automatic Edge Banding Machine with Pre-Milling Double Gluing Trimming Corner Roundin

                        High-Precision Automatic Edge Banding Machine with Pre-Milling Double Gluing Trimming Corner Roundin High-Precision Automatic Edge Banding Machine with Pre-Milling Double Gluing Trimming Corner Rounding Model NO.: EP700D Customized: Customized Manufacturing Principles: Glue Tank Underneath Min.width panel: 80mm Min.length panel: 120mm Panel Thinkness: 10-60mm Certification: CE, ISO Automatic Grade: Automatic Edging thickness: 0.4-3mm Type: Linear Edge Banding Machine Function: Pre Milling, Gluing, Edge Banding, End Trimming, Rough Trimming, Fine Trimming, Contour Tracking, Scraping, Buffing Working Pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa Pre-Milling Power: 4.4kw Glue Pot Heating Power: 1.5kw Glue Pot Conveying Power: 0.55kw Conveyer Belt Power: 2.2kw End Cutting Power: 1.1kw Rough Trimming Power: 1.5kw Fine Trimming Power: 1.5kw Corner Rounding Power: 0.7kw Polishing Power: 0.36kw Power: 17kw Weight: 2800kg Voltage: 415/400/380/220V Dust Hood: 4 Operation Method: Touching Screen Operation Trademark: EVER PIONEER Transport Package: Wooden Case Package Specification: 7600*910*1550mm Origin: China HS Code:

                        Product Details


                        Product Parameters 
                        Edge banding tape width12-60mm
                        Edge banding tape thickness0.4-3mm
                        Workpiece thickness10-55mm
                        Workpiece length≥80mm
                        Workpiece width≥80mm
                        Feeding speed18-30m/min
                        Working pressure0.6-0.8Mpa

                        This edge banding machine can work on material of MDF, blockboard, solid wood board, particleboard, polymer door plates, plywood, etc.

                        With the functions of pre-milling, dual gluing, end cutting, rough trimming, fine trimming, corner trimming, scraping and dual buffing, and it can achieve a better smooth and fine working finish.

                        With better parts, it is stable, reliable, and durable

                        It is especially suitable for medium and large furniture manufacturing factories.

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                        Our Advantages



                        1. Package:
                        Both stretch film and export standard wooden box package and for the machine and spare part.
                        2. Delivery:
                        As we have machines in the warehouse, lead-time can be assured.
                        For customized machines, delivery time is strictly followed by the contract.
                        3. Warranty :
                        18-month guarantee from the delivery date, with spare part free of charge if damaged within the warranty period.

                        4. Technical support:
                        24-hour technical support by Phone, Email, etc.
                        5. After-sales services:
                        Machines are installed and tested well before delivery. 
                        One-stop service to meet different customer's needs. 

                        Company Profile

                        We, Ever Pioneer, are a woodworking machine manufacturer and solution provider. 

                        For the last 15 years, we have been developing, manufacturing, and distributing woodworking machines, from sliding table saw, edge banding machine, sanding machine, spindle molders to CNC machining center around the world. 

                        Our goal is to build the best woodworking machines and provide long time service now and for the future, with respect to our customers. 

                        With consistent innovation and engineering technologies, we are able to meet the individual requirements of trade, commerce and industry without compromise and we offer you the perfectly fitting machine for every woodworking challenge, just as unique as your requirements.

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