Sanding Machine / Sander for MDF, Particle Board, Chipboard and OSB

                        Sanding Machine / Sander for MDF, Particle Board, Chipboard and OSB Sanding Machine / Sander for MDF, Particle Board, Chipboard and OSB Model NO.: BSG-V, BSG-V4i Certification: ISO Automatic: Automatic Type: Sanding Machine Width: 1300mm~3250mm Feeding Speed: Max.150m/Min Trademark: SUFOMA Transport Package: Wooden Case Specification: 4ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft Origin: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China HS Code:

                        Product Details

                        Production series of wood-based panel sanding machine

                        Technical features of V-sanding machine
                        1. Multiple modules and multiple speed range to cater to different types of sanding subject;
                        2. Angle sanding, floating sprint system, polishing, laser thickness measurement;
                        4. Direct drive of contact drum roller to yield high transmission;
                        5. Separate driving system for top and bottom feeding system;
                        6. Optimized dust collection system design with constant air compensation;
                        7. Perfect dia.-to-thickness ratio of contact drum roller;
                        8. Seamless eccentric device for contact drum roller;
                        9. Modular design to ensure easy combination and upgrade;
                        10. Comprehensive production data management system;
                        11. Beautiful industrial outlook design.
                        Technical parameters of V-sanding machine
                        Board Widthmm13001600
                        Thickness rangeFor multiple opening pressmm3~503~50
                        For continuous pressmm2~502~50
                        Working tolerancemm±0.05±0.05
                        Feeding speedFor multiple opening pressm/min6~506~50
                        For continuous pressm/min2~90/1202~90/120
                        Opening of upper framemm280280
                        Sanding belt linear speedm/s22~3322~33
                        Sanding roller motorkW75/9090/110
                        Combined decks motorkW5555/75
                        Fine sanding motorkW5555
                        Incline fine sanding motorkW4555
                        Polishing motorkW18.518.5
                        Sanding belt widthmm13501650
                        Compressed air consumptionm³/h4~74~7
                        System pressureMPa0.60.6

                        Technical features of V4i-wide belt sanding machine
                        1. Designed for super-thin board (~1.6mm) and high speed (~150m/min) sanding;
                        2. Reinforced structure design of the main frame, golden diameter-to-thickness ratio of the contact roller, less vibration leads to less mark in the board surface;
                        3. Multiple sanding setting available, i.e. top-backward and bottom-forward, front-forward and end-forward and end-backward, top-bottom matrix, slide pad technology;
                        4. Pneumatic clamping system and centralized feeding system achieves smooth and stable board feeding;
                        5. Centralized lubrication system makes easy for machine maintenance;
                        6. Informatization control system manages equipment, output and consumption;
                        7. Digital automation technology available, i.e. sanding head servo adjustment, sanding belt self-tracking system, sanding belt linear adjustment system.
                        Technical parameters of V4i-wide belt sanding machine
                        Technical parametersUnitBSG_V4i-19BSG_V4i-23BSG_V4i-26BSG_V4i-29
                        Max.working widthmm2000230026002900
                        Thickness rangemm1.6~501.6~501.6~501.6~50
                        Feeding speed(servo adjustment)m/min6-50
                        Opening of upper framemm300300300300
                        working tolerancemm±0.075±0.075±0.075±0.075
                        Main motorkWUP to 132UP to 160UP to 160UP to 160
                        Feeding motorkWUP to 22UP to 30UP to 30UP to 30
                        Abrasive belt sizeRoller type frame size
                        (width x length)
                        Combined/fine sanding frame(width x length)mm2050x32502350x32502350x32502650x3250
                        Dust discharge air volumeRoller Sand Framem³/h12800150001700019000
                        Combined headm³/h10000124001400016500
                        Fine sanding headm³/h10000124001400016500
                        Cleaning devicem³/h2700310035003900
                        System pressureMpa0.
                        Compressed air4~74~74~74~7
                        Equipment weightt22~3924~4326~4528~48

                        Main technical specifications

                        1. Multiple modules available

                        2. Super rigidity frame
                        1) Cantilever beam precise control based on finite element model;
                        2) Advanced frame stress relief treatment;
                        3) High precision locking device

                        3. High interchangeable modular design

                        4. Contact drum roller
                        1) Big diameter contact roller with seamless eccentric device to ensure high running precision;
                        2) Special surface treatment of the drum roller;
                        3) Easy one-side adjustment of the contact drum roller.

                        5. Sprint system
                        1) Combination of clockwise sanding and anti-clockwise sanding;
                        2) Angle Sprint system;
                        3) All-inclusive finishing effect and uniform surface quality.

                        6. Polishing head
                        The polishing head with Non-woven cloth roller from 3M company gives a perfect finishing of the board with equal sanding effect of 180-240 grit sanding belt, but saving electricity cost up to 80%.

                        7. Highly efficient transmission

                        8.Dual air cell tension device to offset circumference tolerance of sanding belt

                        9. Highly efficient transmission with low heat generation; Pneumatic clamp feeding system

                        10. Mechanical lifting

                        11. Triple blocking for multiple board feeding
                        1) Laser thickness measurement;
                        2) Microswitch;
                        3) Blocking blade plate.

                        12. Dual suction opening in the dust removal system; Constant air compensation

                        13. Intelligent control system
                        1) Mainstream PLC with HMI, Profibus Communication;
                        2) Monitoring device: Temperature, vibration (Optional) Linear speed, Trend analysis, Malfunction diagnosis.

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